Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Response To Right-Wing Nuttery

I say this, earlier today:

Well, after Tuesday no more Bush to bitch and whine about. No more voting "present." Time to make decisions. The One will actually be the one now. God help us all.

Allow me to retort:

Gosh, if he's not careful, this country could really get off track.

We could end up in the wrong war, the economy could go in the shitter, natural disasters could claim entire American cities without an appropriate government response. Children could be left behind, we could start torturing prisoners. Our entire standing as a benevolent superpower could go by the wayside. The justice department could be purged of competent prosecutors in favor of incompetent lackeys. Ditto the rest of the federal agencies. Our intelligence operations could become completely fucking useless. The vice president could take advantage of his stunning weakness within his own government and run a shadow presidency while claiming to belong to no branch of government, effectively shredding the seperation of powers to any practical purpose. He could appoint a crazy man to head the Pentagon. We could open illegal prison camps in several far-flung nations. War could erupt in the Middle East and we could stand idly by. Years of genocide could go by in Africa without any reaction from America. Unemployment levels could climb dangerously high. States could teeter on the brink of bankruptcy. Our health care system could completely break down, and the President could do nothing about it. He could try and privatize Social Security, to be immediately followed by a massive stock market collapse. Greed and corruption could become so brazen that bagmen wander the corridors of power in DC with impunity. Oil executives could bribe the administration in the open, then just pretend it didn't happen. He could pretend that stem cell research and a comatose woman in Florida are the great moral issues of our time, while all of these other things are going on.

I mean, Obama could really fuck shit up.

What's that? Really? All of it?

Never mind.

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